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Agile Blockchain Data Center

Decode on-chain and off-chain data with intelligent solutions

Real-time and Insightful Data System

Access seamlessly a wide array of on-chain and off-chain data and explore valuable insights.

Data System on Centic

Two Main Kinds of Data on Centic

Raw Data

Include standardized on-chain data (blocks, transactions, events,...) and off-chain data (social media, market data, explorers,...).

Knowledge Graph Data

Knowledge Graph Data

Analyze, aggregate, and enrich Raw Data to build up a knowledge graph (KGD) consisting of entities and their relationships.

Knowledge Graph Data

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Labeled Entities


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Show Cases

Our data is processed and customized to provide a better understanding of the behavior and performance of web3 entities.

Centic Scores Marketplace App

Scores Marketplace

Scoring Ecosystem for Web3 entities that are Smart, Flexible, and Reliable.

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Centic Portfolio App


Monitor the performance and activities of every blockchain entity in a single dashboard.

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Entity-Oriented API

Wallet API

Credit Score, Investment Portfolio and Historical Analytics of Any Wallet Addresses.

Token API

Price, Holder and Historical Volatility of Any Digital Assets.


Performance and User Behavior Analytics of Every DApp across Multiple Chains.

Foundation API

Money Flow and Assets' Performance of Foundation Team (Cexes, etc).

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